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Cycle 6 CD31 5dpo

Ovulation was indeed on cd26 as I suspected so now I’m patiently waiting for the end of next week to get here.

I’m quite calm about things really.  In previous cycles I’ve been itching to test (I tested at 7dpo last cycle!) but at the moment I feel like I’d rather not know.

There’s obviously a big chance I’ll get impatient before I’m due my period but I’m just not bothered at the moment.  I have only one test in the house, which I didn’t actually realise i had until I sorted some drawers out, which is a cheap internet dip test which didn’t work too great for me anyway so I doubt I’ll test early with that.

So I’m due on Thursday 31st, with fertility friend giving me a test date of Friday 1st Feb.  I’m determined I won’t test before Thursday, and only then if my temp hasn’t dropped.

As for symptoms, none really.  My boobs feel a bit tender, but only just, but I’m not sure if this is just a post-ov thing as I’m fairly sure 5dpo is far too early for pregnancy symptoms anyway.

I’ll keep you updated.