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Cycle 5 CD22

As suspected, the temp rise on cd17 was just due to me having a cold and I didn’t ov last week.


Yesterday and today I’ve had smiley faces on the cb digis, backed up by a very positive cheap opk and I had a *lot* of ewcm yesterday.  I think this might be it!

I’ve also been looking at my chart from when I conceived Miss C which was also ovulation on cd22, and a Monday.  I know it doesn’t really mean anything but it’s made me smile.


Cycle 5 CD16

I got a positive opk this morning.  A happy smiley cb digital positive opk.

But I can’t get excited as I got 2 of those last cycle and never ov’d.

But, just how awesome would ovulation on cd17 or 18 be?  I haven’t told the husband as last time he had a tiny bit of performance anxiety so I’m just not going there again.

Oh I so want this to be it this time.

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Cycle 4 CD59

I got a smiley on the clearblue digi opk this morning.

Pleeeease let this be it!


Cycle 4 CD38

It seems me ranting about my body may have kick started it into giving me a positive opk.

This was last night at 7pm

and here is today’s, done at 10am


I have another in my bag to do sometime this afternoon, then I may even do one later tonight when I get home.  I think I’m turning into a poas-a-holic.


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Cycle 4 CD26

Looks like there’s more than one smiley face around today

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