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Cycle 4 CD30 2dpo (maybe)

FF has finally given me my crosshairs this morning.  I do think they’re a day out and I’m probably only 2dpo but will sort that with tomorrow’s temp.

There’s been some confusion this cycle.  To start with were my opk’s.  I had been testing with the cb digi as part of the cb study every morning then testing with a different box of cb digis every afternoon as well as a cheap opk.

On CD26 I got my smiley on the study opk but the afternoon digi and cheap opk were both negative.  On CD27 the study opk was negative, the other digi was positive and the cheap opk was negative.  Then, on CD28, both digis were negative but I got a positive on the cheap opk.

It’s enough to make your head spin!  So on FF I’ve recorded positives on CD26, 27 and 28.  Just to add to the confusion, I can’t rely on my temps on CD28 or 29 as I had a few drinks at the weekend so think my temps were high because of that.

I think I’m going to decide on CD28 as ovulation day and try to hold out on testing til 28th September (CD41) when I’ll be 12-14dpo.

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Cycle 4 CD11

Not a lot to report really.  I did have watery cm yesterday so did a cheap opk and got quite a dark line which, for cd10, puzzled me a little!  I’m hoping the maca is helping to regulate my cycles and I’ll ov sooner this cycle but who knows!

An opk I did an hour ago is fainter than yesterdays but I think my wee was more diluted today.  No sniff of a smiley on the digi opk’s yet.

Still feeling fairly positive about this cycle, and hoping to ov in the next week and not when we’re camping again, although sod’s law says this will happen!

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