The Conception Diaries

Completing our family

Cycle 4 CD72

No news on the ovulation front but I do now have my scan appointment through.  It’s next Sunday morning, which is great news as it means I don’t have to work out what to do with Miss C or take time off work.

I’m now getting close to my all-time record cycle of 92 days which happened when we were ttc Miss C.  Ovulation happened on day 80 that cycle.  I really hope I’m not going to beat that one.  A cycle of over 100 days is a very depressing thought.

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Cycle 2 CD16

After a whopping 88 day cycle, we’re now on to cycle 2.

I’m happy to have not conceived last cycle as it means I’m now out of the December/January due dates which pleases me.  The long cycle wasn’t great but was expected after last time so I wasn’t too impatient.

So, I’m on day 16 with no news as yet.  I’m taking a herb called Agnus Castus which is supposed to help regulate your cycle so fingers crossed for ovulation sometime soon.  I’d really rather not have another epic cycle.

I have a few fertile signs at the moment although I know this doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  I can hope though.


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