The Conception Diaries

Completing our family

Cycle 4 CD66

After last Tuesday’s smiley on the cb digi opk I was sure ovulation would happen.  I mean, how can you misinterpret a smiley face?  Sadly though, it seems my body is just totally screwed as my temp doesn’t show ovulation at all.

After Friday’s temp dropped I decided to make myself a doctor’s appointment.  Surprisingly, I managed to get an appointment for 9.30am that morning so off I trotted to see the doc.

I wasn’t really expecting a lot, especially as I’ve not been off the pill a year yet, but I tried to put the emphasis more on the fact that my cycles were all over the place than the fact I was trying to get pregnant.  Which, in fact, IS what’s bothering me more.

I want to be pregnant yes, but I want my body to behave like it’s supposed to aswell.

Anyway, the doc has given me forms for bloods to be taken once I get af, and then on cd21 (although she told me she knows this will come back as negative as I have long cycles so I’m not sure of the point of this one).  She is also going to refer me to have an ultrasound on my ovaries to look for cysts.

I’ve been suspecting PCOS for a while now, and the doctor obviously agrees with me.  Although I don’t want to have PCOS, in a way I also want to be told I do have it as at least then I might be able to get some help in sorting my cycles.

So, for the moment I’m still waiting.  Waiting to ov, waiting for af to book blood tests and waiting for a letter from the hospital.  But at least I’ve set the ball rolling.