The Conception Diaries

Completing our family

Cycle 5 CD17

My temp rose this morning BUT I have a cold.

I’m so annoyed that, at the most crucial temp taking few days, I’ve managed to get a cold so I can’t rely 100% on my temps.

My chart actually looks quite pretty this cycle so far, I doubt this will last though.

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Cycle 2 CD18

Day 18 and still no ovulation.  I’m not exactly surprised – when I was trying to conceive our first the earliest I ovulated was day 22, and that was the cycle I fell pregnant.

I chart my basal body temperature (bbt) so that I can see if/when I ovulate.  With long, irregular cycles I’d spend a small fortune on opk’s or pregnancy tests if I didn’t track my cycle somehow.  I enjoy bbt charting, weirdly.  I find it amazing that just by taking your temperature every morning, and watching out for other fertile signs, you can read your body.  The majority of people won’t even notice these subtle changes but when you’re ttc everything matters!

So, day 18.  No ovulation.  Waiting…

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