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Cycle 6 CD36 10dpo

10dpo today and beginning to feel the urge to test. 

I don’t really have any symptoms, a few twinges but that could be anything, but then would I really have symptoms yet?  Probably not.

I have to go into the supermarket in my lunch hour today so considering buying a test while I’m there, just in case.  Despite everything I say about not testing early I seem to just need to know.  Those of you out there who can wait until you’re late are just amazing!

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Cycle 5 CD32 10dpo

So I did a First response test this morning.  Thought it was negative then did a bit more staring and thought I might be able to see something.

Not convinced though.  Think I probably have line eyes and it’s just wishful thinking.

Here’s a pic.  It’s done on my phone so not the greatest but is there anything there or am I just imagining things?  To be honest, I’m not even sure I can see anything on this picture!

First reponse 10dpoI’ll be testing again tomorrow so I suppose we’ll see!