The Conception Diaries

Completing our family

Fertility Timeline

1998: start periods (can’t remember them being irregular)

2001 – 2008: On birth control pill

2006: Get married

May 2008: Stop taking birth control – cycles irregular

Oct 2008: BFP on 3rd cycle

June 2009: Miss C born

2009 – 2012: Go back on bcp

Feb 2012: Stop taking bcp – cycles irregular once again

Aug 2012: Chemical pregnancy (3rd cycle)

Oct 2012: First doctors visit

Nov 2012: Pelvic scan showed some cysts on ovaries, particularly the left one, but ovaries not massively enlarged. Getting bloods taken to check hormone levels.

Dec 2012: BFP! Sadly ended in another early miscarriage at 5 weeks

Jan 2013: BFP on first cycle after miscarriage

Feb 2013: Second pelvic scan scheduled.  Kept appointment and saw our little bean, with a flickering heartbeat at 7 weeks

Mar 2013: First midwife appointment


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