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Pregnancy: 20+4

So I had my scan yesterday. Everything looked fine that the sonographer could see but baby was lying in an awkward position and she couldn’t see the heart clearly. No amount of walking or jumping could shift baby so I’ve got to go back for another scan next week.

I’m not worried at all. Have spoken to about 6 other people in real life or online that had the same (and strangely all their babies were boys – a theory?) and all was ok, they just had lazy babies. I’m just looking forward to seeing baby again.

I also had a consultant appointment today as my notes had PCOS ticked. They didn’t really do anything other than test my urine and take my blood pressure but I do now have to be tested for gestational diabetes at 28 weeks. It seems silly really as I’m not overweight, my bmi is in the normal range and it was never confirmed that I do actually have PCOS but its standard procedure apparently so I’ll just go with it.

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Pregnancy: 20+1

Oops, it’s somehow been 5 weeks since I last updated you. I’ve now passed the halfway mark and I’m feeling great.

I started feeling movement at just past 17 weeks and you’ve been able to feel kicks on the outside for about a week now. I’m still amazed as, at this point with Miss C, I still hadn’t felt anything at all and wouldn’t for another week or so. What a difference having the placenta at the back makes!

It’s my anomaly scan on Monday. We’re taking Miss C so that she can meet her baby brother or sister, she’s very excited about that!

Will update next week!

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Pregnancy: 15+3

Everything is going fine so far.

I’ve been in maternity trousers for a couple of weeks now as my stomach has definitely popped out! I don’t think I’ve felt any movement yet but it was fairly late on when I felt Miss C, definitely after my 20 week scan.

I have my next midwife appointment tomorrow. I can’t remember what happens at this one. I think she’ll listen for baby’s heartbeat, though I do this on my doppler at home every couple of days anyway, but I don’t think a lot else happens.

After that it’s my anomoly scan which is in 5 weeks.

I’m mostly feeling fine now. The nausea has now gone although I do seem to hit a mid-afternoon slump around 3pm every day. Any recommendations for natural pick me ups are welcome seen as energy drinks are no longer allowed.

I’ll leave you with a bump pic, taken last Friday at exactly 15 weeks.




Pregnancy: 12+1

I had my 12 week scan yesterday and was measuring 12 weeks exactly; 5 days ahead of the early scan and a whole week ahead based on when I ovulated.  This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as I was also tracking ovulation when ttc Miss C but was put forward a whole week then too.

Everything was fine at the scan.  Baby was really active which was so funny to watch.  The nuchal measurements were well within normal limits but we just have to wait for blood test results to check all is ok in that respect.

I’m still feeling nauseous when I’m hungry and my trousers are definitely getting tighter.  I was still in regular clothes at 16 weeks with Miss C but don’t think I’ll manage that this time around.

Despite the sickness, the expanding stomach and yesterdays scan it still doesn’t feel real.  I can’t get my head around the fact that I’ll have another baby in 6 months or so.  It’s a very odd feeling.