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Pregnancy: 15+3

on April 15, 2013

Everything is going fine so far.

I’ve been in maternity trousers for a couple of weeks now as my stomach has definitely popped out! I don’t think I’ve felt any movement yet but it was fairly late on when I felt Miss C, definitely after my 20 week scan.

I have my next midwife appointment tomorrow. I can’t remember what happens at this one. I think she’ll listen for baby’s heartbeat, though I do this on my doppler at home every couple of days anyway, but I don’t think a lot else happens.

After that it’s my anomoly scan which is in 5 weeks.

I’m mostly feeling fine now. The nausea has now gone although I do seem to hit a mid-afternoon slump around 3pm every day. Any recommendations for natural pick me ups are welcome seen as energy drinks are no longer allowed.

I’ll leave you with a bump pic, taken last Friday at exactly 15 weeks.




2 responses to “Pregnancy: 15+3

  1. guest says:

    just read all your posts and have to say ‘thank you!’ for sharing! So helpful to hear how it has gone for you. I’m feeling a tiny bit more patient. good luck for the rest of the pregnancy!

  2. lacrianza says:

    Hope things are moving along nicely.

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