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Cycle 5 CD32 10dpo

on December 13, 2012

So I did a First response test this morning.  Thought it was negative then did a bit more staring and thought I might be able to see something.

Not convinced though.  Think I probably have line eyes and it’s just wishful thinking.

Here’s a pic.  It’s done on my phone so not the greatest but is there anything there or am I just imagining things?  To be honest, I’m not even sure I can see anything on this picture!

First reponse 10dpoI’ll be testing again tomorrow so I suppose we’ll see!



3 responses to “Cycle 5 CD32 10dpo

  1. morasmum says:

    test tomorrow, i don’t see the line yet 🙂

    • Mrs B says:

      No, the picture is really rubbish! The study you’ve posted is very interesting. I got a positive at 10dpo with my daughter (and with afternoon wee) and I think I forget that it might not be the same 2nd time around

  2. morasmum says:

    I found this post talking about a study made on 2ww:

    (1) Nearly all the women took at least 3 days before HCG levels were at a level that could be identified via an hpt. Many more took at least 6. Some of the women took up to two weeks!

    (2) Only 40% of the women implanted by 7 dpo. Considering what I mentioned in (1), this means only 40% of women know their by 10 dpo!! So it’s not hard to imagine that at 10 dpo, most pregnant women won’t see a line yet.

    Speaking of 10 dpo, only 68% of the women had implanted by that time (being able to see a positive 3 days after) . This increases to 90% by the day of expected menstruation, which still raises the point that those women still have 3-6 days before they get their BFP .

    And just so those last 10% of the women aren’t left out — it won’t be until 24 dpo until the last of them even start to see the kind of HCG levels required for a !!!

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