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Cycle 5 CD36 14dpo (4 weeks pregnant!)

I did 2 tests this morning.  Look.

2012-12-17 06.59.43I’m still a little nervous.  AF was due either yesterday or today but my temp is still nice and high so I’m feeling a little happier now.

I’m planning on telling my parents this week.  They came round for a drink last night with a bottle of wine.  Luckily it was rose wine so my fab hubby went and poured it in the kitchen and came back in with a glass of mixed berries juice which just happens to be the exact same colour as the wine.

I hate lying to them but just wanted to get past af due date first.

Symptoms are twinges and backache so far.  Eek!



Cycle 5 CD33 11dpo

I did another test this morning.  There’s another line.  It’s still very faint but visible this time.

What do you think?

first response faint line 11dpoThe pictures still not great but I think you can at least see this one!

I’m now worried I’m going to have a chemical pregnancy again.  I know I shouldn’t test so early but I can’t help myself.  Those ladies who manage to wait until their period is late have some mighty willpower!

Hopefully I’ll get a clearer line tomorrow



Cycle 5 CD32 10dpo

So I did a First response test this morning.  Thought it was negative then did a bit more staring and thought I might be able to see something.

Not convinced though.  Think I probably have line eyes and it’s just wishful thinking.

Here’s a pic.  It’s done on my phone so not the greatest but is there anything there or am I just imagining things?  To be honest, I’m not even sure I can see anything on this picture!

First reponse 10dpoI’ll be testing again tomorrow so I suppose we’ll see!



Cycle 5 CD30 8dpo

I tested this morning.  Oops.  It was negative, obviously.  I didn’t even use a decent test, just a cheap internet dipstrip I got free with some opk’s!

I am completely rubbish.  I should know better than to test early after the chemical pregnancy in August but I’m obviously an idiot.

I have ordered some First Response tests today though and if they’re here for Friday I’ve decided to use one before my doctors appointment.

As far as symptom spotting goes, there’s not a lot to report.  I’ve had a few twinges yesterday and today but that’s about it.  And for all I know it could be wind.

Not long to go now.


Cycle 5 CD26 4dpo

Finally I ovulated.  99.9% sure I did really ovulate this time.  FF gave me crosshairs and everything!

So now to the 2ww.  Absolutely no symptoms yet but then I wouldn’t at 4dpo would I?  I’m feeling positive still as we timed everything pretty well I think.  Ov day was cd22 and we bd’d on cd19, 21 and 22.

I have decided testing day will be Saturday 15th at 12dpo although I do have plenty of tests so we’ll see how long my willpower holds out.

I’ve had both sets of bloods taken now and have an appointment next Friday to discuss the results of those and the scan.  With a bit of luck I’ll already be pregnant.  Positive thinking!

If we haven’t been lucky this cycle at least I’ll be able to enjoy all the alcohol, pate and cheeses over Christmas.  Every cloud…

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Cycle 5 CD22

As suspected, the temp rise on cd17 was just due to me having a cold and I didn’t ov last week.


Yesterday and today I’ve had smiley faces on the cb digis, backed up by a very positive cheap opk and I had a *lot* of ewcm yesterday.  I think this might be it!

I’ve also been looking at my chart from when I conceived Miss C which was also ovulation on cd22, and a Monday.  I know it doesn’t really mean anything but it’s made me smile.