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Cycle 5 CD17

My temp rose this morning BUT I have a cold.

I’m so annoyed that, at the most crucial temp taking few days, I’ve managed to get a cold so I can’t rely 100% on my temps.

My chart actually looks quite pretty this cycle so far, I doubt this will last though.

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Cycle 5 CD16

I got a positive opk this morning.  A happy smiley cb digital positive opk.

But I can’t get excited as I got 2 of those last cycle and never ov’d.

But, just how awesome would ovulation on cd17 or 18 be?  I haven’t told the husband as last time he had a tiny bit of performance anxiety so I’m just not going there again.

Oh I so want this to be it this time.

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Cycle 5 CD15

No news yet but I thought I’d do a quick update.

I had my first lot of bloods taken almost 2 weeks ago, with more being done next week.  I’ll then make an appointment to discuss the results of the bloods and the scan, hopefully for either 13th or 14th December.

I took soy isoflavones on cd2-6 this cycle and hoped they’d bring ovulation forward but nothing is happening yet.  I’m still getting quite strong second lines on ov sticks so I’m now worried that this cycle is going to be like the last one.  I really hope not though.

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Cycle 5 CD3

Finally, af arrived.  After waiting 85 days.  And no ovulation.  Still, at least I can start a shiny new cycle and hope this one reverts back to being around 6 weeks (dare I hope for less?).

The scan I had showed some cysts on my ovaries although the sonographer did say they weren’t massively enlarged and I’d need the results of the blood test before we’d know whether PCOS was a possibility or not.

My first bloods are being taken tomorrow then some more in 3 weeks, so hopefully by Christmas I might have some answers.

In the meantime, I’m trying soy isoflavones this cycle, days 2-6.  They’re supposed to be a kind of natural clomid so we’ll see if anything happens.

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