The Conception Diaries

Completing our family

Cycle 4 CD37

on September 24, 2012

So despite my positive opk’s last week, it turns out I didn’t ovulate.  I have been a bit stressed with some family illness for the last week so am thinking it must be that which delayed ov.

I’m still testing and think (hope) I’m close to another positive opk.  I did one on Saturday but had to go out so didn’t see it within the time frame.  I expected it to be clearly negative but it’s very close to positive now it’s dried.  Yesterdays had a thin dark edge on the test line which some people take as positive but I just don’t know.

I’m hoping I’ll get a clear positive soon and my temps will increase too this time.

It’s very frustrating to get that positive opk but not ovulate.  It’s never happened before so just another thing to add to my growing list of things I hate about my body.


One response to “Cycle 4 CD37

  1. lacrianza says:

    I also got a + OPK and didn’t ovulate. Are you using blood tests to “know” that you didn’t O?

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