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Cycle 4 CD39

No temp rise this morning.  If it’s still not increased tomorrow it looks like I haven’t ov’d, yet again.

Cross your fingers for me.

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Cycle 4 CD38

It seems me ranting about my body may have kick started it into giving me a positive opk.

This was last night at 7pm

and here is today’s, done at 10am


I have another in my bag to do sometime this afternoon, then I may even do one later tonight when I get home.  I think I’m turning into a poas-a-holic.


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Cycle 4 CD37

So despite my positive opk’s last week, it turns out I didn’t ovulate.  I have been a bit stressed with some family illness for the last week so am thinking it must be that which delayed ov.

I’m still testing and think (hope) I’m close to another positive opk.  I did one on Saturday but had to go out so didn’t see it within the time frame.  I expected it to be clearly negative but it’s very close to positive now it’s dried.  Yesterdays had a thin dark edge on the test line which some people take as positive but I just don’t know.

I’m hoping I’ll get a clear positive soon and my temps will increase too this time.

It’s very frustrating to get that positive opk but not ovulate.  It’s never happened before so just another thing to add to my growing list of things I hate about my body.

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Cycle 4 CD30 2dpo (maybe)

FF has finally given me my crosshairs this morning.  I do think they’re a day out and I’m probably only 2dpo but will sort that with tomorrow’s temp.

There’s been some confusion this cycle.  To start with were my opk’s.  I had been testing with the cb digi as part of the cb study every morning then testing with a different box of cb digis every afternoon as well as a cheap opk.

On CD26 I got my smiley on the study opk but the afternoon digi and cheap opk were both negative.  On CD27 the study opk was negative, the other digi was positive and the cheap opk was negative.  Then, on CD28, both digis were negative but I got a positive on the cheap opk.

It’s enough to make your head spin!  So on FF I’ve recorded positives on CD26, 27 and 28.  Just to add to the confusion, I can’t rely on my temps on CD28 or 29 as I had a few drinks at the weekend so think my temps were high because of that.

I think I’m going to decide on CD28 as ovulation day and try to hold out on testing til 28th September (CD41) when I’ll be 12-14dpo.

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Cycle 4 CD26

Looks like there’s more than one smiley face around today

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Cycle 4 CD24

Still no ovulation.  Didn’t bother with the cheap opk’s from cd17 until yesterday as the lines were driving me mad.  Well here’s yesterdays opk:

and this was done today:

What the hell is going on?  What is with the lines?  Normally I get super super faint lines until around 3 or so days before ov then they get darker up to positive.  Why am I getting lines for 2 weeks this cycle?  Is it from the chemical pregnancy, the maca root, or has my body just gone haywire?

No smiley on the digital opk’s yet either.  I’m getting really frustrated which obviously won’t help things but I just want my stupid body to work.



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Cycle 4 CD18

Still no ovulation.  Still getting fairly dark but not positive lines on the opk’s but no smiley as yet.  Am confused by the lines on the opk’s as I’d usually only get visible lines 2-3 days before ov but these have been happening since cd10.  I can only assume the chemical pregnancy has affected things.

We’re going camping this weekend and I was really hoping that ov would have happened by then but looks like I’ll have to take all my opk’s with me and mess about testing still.

Hoping for better news next week.

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