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Cycle 4 CD11

Not a lot to report really.  I did have watery cm yesterday so did a cheap opk and got quite a dark line which, for cd10, puzzled me a little!  I’m hoping the maca is helping to regulate my cycles and I’ll ov sooner this cycle but who knows!

An opk I did an hour ago is fainter than yesterdays but I think my wee was more diluted today.  No sniff of a smiley on the digi opk’s yet.

Still feeling fairly positive about this cycle, and hoping to ov in the next week and not when we’re camping again, although sod’s law says this will happen!

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Cycle 4 CD4

I have picked myself up, dusted myself down and am ready to start again.

I have a new cocktail of vitamins and herbal supplements I’m taking.  I may start to rattle soon.  I’m now taking:

  • Folic acid
  • Agnus Castus (1600mg)
  • Evening Primrose Oil (2000mg)
  • Maca root (1500mg)

The maca root is a new one which, when googling, appears to be some kind of super supplement to help boost fertility and regulate hormones.

I have to admit that I’m feeling positive about this cycle again.  Lots of people say you’re super fertile after a miscarriage/chemical pregnancy so fingers crossed that’s true, and I’m hoping the maca works its magic.

At the very least I hope it brings ovulation forward a little.

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Cycle 4 CD1

Gutted to be typing this title.  On Friday, at 12dpo, I got faint but definite lines on a cb+ and a superdrug test.  I woke this morning to see my temp had dropped almost down to my coverline, which was worrying before I’d even got out of bed, then went to the loo and there was bright red blood.

So, a chemical pregnancy.

Pretty upset at the moment but we’ll try again.


Cycle 3 CD39 11dpo

Being a pregnancy test addict, I went and tested again today.  I didn’t expect much but after 10 minutes I could see a very faint line.  I tried again using one of the clearblue plus tests from the clearblue trial and a line was there, but very faint, within 3 or 4 minutes.

clearblue plus

I’m not sure what to think now.  With my daughter I had a definite bfp and that was that, I never had super faint lines.

Obviously the only thing I can do is wait until tomorrow and test again.  If I get more faint lines I think I’ll fork out for a clearblue digital for Saturday morning


Cycle 3 CD38 10dpo

Well, all my positivity seems to have vanished.  I have no willpower and tested yesterday and today – both negative.  Part of me thinks it might just be too early but the other part thinks that I got a positive at 10dpo with my daughter so if it was going to be positive it would be by now.

As far as symptoms go, I had crampy twinges on Monday and Tuesday but they seem to have disappeared today and been replaced with achy boobs.

Who knows if we’ve done it this cycle.  I was so hopeful a few days ago 😦

Will try to hold off on testing until Friday now.

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Cycle 3 CD36 8dpo

Getting close to being able to test now.  I’m on the clearblue study so have a couple of free cb plus tests but I don’t know how sensitive they are.  I’m very tempted to get a couple of first response tests and test wed/thurs.

The only ‘symptom’ I have are cramps/ twinges down there.  I had these when pregnant with my daughter so hoping it’s a good sign.   No other symptoms at all but I suppose it’s too early for any anyway.

I’m willing the days to go quicker; I just want to know now!  After his initial reservations about having another, Mr B is now completely on board and almost as excited as me which makes me feel a lot better.

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Cycle 3 CD30 2dpo

I ovulated on CD28!  As suspected, my smiley face came on Saturday morning while we were camping.  It’s still a long cycle but it’s getting a little shorter.  I’m feeling quite positive this month as we have dtd quite a lot at the right time so now it’s just a waiting game again.

Ideally, testing will be 18th August at 13 dpo but what are the chance of me holding out until then?

Bring on the symptom spotting.

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