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Cycle 2 CD37 7dpo

on July 3, 2012

I am very impatiently waiting now.  It’s funny that I can be super patient when I have an 88 day cycle and up to actually ovulating this cycle but as soon as I’m in the 2 week wait its torture.

I can’t say I’ve particularly had any symptoms yet.  A few twinges down there but that’s about it, and at 7dpo they’re probably not meaningful anyway.

I hadn’t bought any pregnancy tests at all to stop me testing early but I nipped into Asda earlier and a pack of tests may have fallen in to my basket.  I’ll be waiting until at least Friday though when I’ll be 10dpo.

As far as my temperature goes that’s looking great.  It showed a rise after ovulation, then it’s gone up again from 6dpo which I’m taking as a good sign.  Only time will tell though.


One response to “Cycle 2 CD37 7dpo

  1. lacrianza says:

    “Fallen in”, love it! Yes those two weeks post-ov are so emotional.

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