The Conception Diaries

Completing our family

Cycle 3 CD22

Day 22 and no ovulation yet.  I think my body might be gearing up to it though as the lines on the cheapy opk’s are getting darker.  No smiley yet on the digital opk’s, fingers crossed for tomorrow!

I’m hoping for ovulation to happen before the weekend as we’re going camping with friends and a tent isn’t really the best place to be making babies! And if it happens before the weekend it means my cycles are getting shorter which is just great news.

I’m all too aware that it may not happen for weeks yet but I so hope it does.

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Cycle 3 CD9

I used my first digital opk this month.  It was negative, obviously, but it’s still a bit exciting!  Have also been collecting my wee for the Clearblue study, that’s not so much fun!

I think my body is playing tricks on me already this cycle though.  I have watery cm, my cervix is high and my boobs are tender.  Not sure what that’s all about as I never get tender boobs!  Seeing as I didn’t ovulate until CD30 last cycle, and the earliest I’ve ever ov’d while I’ve been tracking it was CD22 (with my daughter) I don’t think I’m likely to ov anytime soon.

We’ll see.


Cycle 3 CD3

Oh this part of the cycle is so boring!  I can’t do anything.  No baby making, no peeing on sticks, no symptom spotting, nothing.  I wish there was some magic pill I could take to bring my ovulation forward – hate the fact it might be another 4 weeks before it happens.

I’m taking Agnus Castus which is supposed to help regulate your cycle.  It brought the last one down from 88 days to 42 but I’m hoping this one is even shorter.  A 28 day-er would be a miracle.  I live in hope!

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Cycle 3 CD1

No positive pregnancy test for me.  I tested on Saturday at 11dpo and it was negative, then my temperature dropped on Sunday so I knew it was over for me.

I’m a little sad but thinking positive.  My cycle was 42 days which, although long, is not too bad and this month I’ve been accepted on the clearblue study which means I get free digital opk’s and pregnancy tests (in return for collecting my wee in pots and posting it to them – fun!)

When I first came off the pill, my husband wasn’t bothered about having another – he’d agreed as he knew how much I wanted a second child.  Over the past couple of months he’s got a little excited about it (it was him that made me test on Saturday) and I’m glad he’s finally come round!

Just got to wait for af to finish then on with the baby making 😉

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Cycle 2 CD37 7dpo

I am very impatiently waiting now.  It’s funny that I can be super patient when I have an 88 day cycle and up to actually ovulating this cycle but as soon as I’m in the 2 week wait its torture.

I can’t say I’ve particularly had any symptoms yet.  A few twinges down there but that’s about it, and at 7dpo they’re probably not meaningful anyway.

I hadn’t bought any pregnancy tests at all to stop me testing early but I nipped into Asda earlier and a pack of tests may have fallen in to my basket.  I’ll be waiting until at least Friday though when I’ll be 10dpo.

As far as my temperature goes that’s looking great.  It showed a rise after ovulation, then it’s gone up again from 6dpo which I’m taking as a good sign.  Only time will tell though.

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