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Cycle 2 CD32

Ovulation at last!  I got what I think was a positive opk on CD29, then a definitely positive opk on CD30 which I believe is when I ovulated.  Even my temperature has gone up to confirm!

Depending on symptoms or lack of, I may test on the 8th July as the husband won’t be at work.  This will be 12dpo so if anything has happened a pregnancy test should pick it up by then.

Not that I think we’ll be lucky enough to fall pregnant the first time I’ve ovulated but I can hope.

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Cycle 2 CD29

Still no ovulation.  Despite saying I think I’m ov’ing more than once this cycle already, I actually think I might be about to.

I had a huge temperature drop this morning, I did an opk yesterday which, although negative, was quite dark, I have lots of cm and my cervix is definitely open today.

I’ll be doing another opk shortly and crossing everything it’s positive, then I’ll be jumping on the husband later 😉

These long cycles are such a pain.

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Cycle 2 CD23

Day 23 and I have a rise in temperature by over 0.3 degrees from yesterday.  I’m aware that one temperature on its own doesn’t necessarily mean anything but after having fertile signs for the past couple of days this could be it.

Of course I’ve been here before, many times, so I won’t count my chickens just yet.

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Cycle 2 CD21

3 weeks in and I’m still waiting.  My temperature rose a little on Friday and I hoped it might be ovulation but yesterdays temperature was skewed due to going out on Friday night and ‘celebrating’ the football win and today’s is back down to normal pre-ov level.

Really, really hoping something will happen soon.  I so don’t want another 3 month cycle.

Here’s hoping.

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Cycle 2 CD18

Day 18 and still no ovulation.  I’m not exactly surprised – when I was trying to conceive our first the earliest I ovulated was day 22, and that was the cycle I fell pregnant.

I chart my basal body temperature (bbt) so that I can see if/when I ovulate.  With long, irregular cycles I’d spend a small fortune on opk’s or pregnancy tests if I didn’t track my cycle somehow.  I enjoy bbt charting, weirdly.  I find it amazing that just by taking your temperature every morning, and watching out for other fertile signs, you can read your body.  The majority of people won’t even notice these subtle changes but when you’re ttc everything matters!

So, day 18.  No ovulation.  Waiting…

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Cycle 2 CD16

After a whopping 88 day cycle, we’re now on to cycle 2.

I’m happy to have not conceived last cycle as it means I’m now out of the December/January due dates which pleases me.  The long cycle wasn’t great but was expected after last time so I wasn’t too impatient.

So, I’m on day 16 with no news as yet.  I’m taking a herb called Agnus Castus which is supposed to help regulate your cycle so fingers crossed for ovulation sometime soon.  I’d really rather not have another epic cycle.

I have a few fertile signs at the moment although I know this doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  I can hope though.


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