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I dropped off the radar after 20 weeks and I apologise! I was tested for gestational diabetes and my result came back at the minimum level which meant the last 10 weeks of pregnancy were spent having scans and attending clinics, despite the diabetic specialist saying he was sure my test level was a blip and I wasn’t diabetic.

So anyway, I measured big so was sent for a scan but this showed baby to be measuring small so I had to continue having scans at least fortnightly. It was a bit of a pain to be honest!

Baby was eventually born at 6 days past due date, another girl, after a rather quick labour, and weighing 7lb 7oz so completely average weight really.

She’s 9 weeks old now and doing great. Miss C is loving having a little sister and the baby is fitting in well.

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Pregnancy: 20+4

So I had my scan yesterday. Everything looked fine that the sonographer could see but baby was lying in an awkward position and she couldn’t see the heart clearly. No amount of walking or jumping could shift baby so I’ve got to go back for another scan next week.

I’m not worried at all. Have spoken to about 6 other people in real life or online that had the same (and strangely all their babies were boys – a theory?) and all was ok, they just had lazy babies. I’m just looking forward to seeing baby again.

I also had a consultant appointment today as my notes had PCOS ticked. They didn’t really do anything other than test my urine and take my blood pressure but I do now have to be tested for gestational diabetes at 28 weeks. It seems silly really as I’m not overweight, my bmi is in the normal range and it was never confirmed that I do actually have PCOS but its standard procedure apparently so I’ll just go with it.

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Pregnancy: 20+1

Oops, it’s somehow been 5 weeks since I last updated you. I’ve now passed the halfway mark and I’m feeling great.

I started feeling movement at just past 17 weeks and you’ve been able to feel kicks on the outside for about a week now. I’m still amazed as, at this point with Miss C, I still hadn’t felt anything at all and wouldn’t for another week or so. What a difference having the placenta at the back makes!

It’s my anomaly scan on Monday. We’re taking Miss C so that she can meet her baby brother or sister, she’s very excited about that!

Will update next week!

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Pregnancy: 15+3

Everything is going fine so far.

I’ve been in maternity trousers for a couple of weeks now as my stomach has definitely popped out! I don’t think I’ve felt any movement yet but it was fairly late on when I felt Miss C, definitely after my 20 week scan.

I have my next midwife appointment tomorrow. I can’t remember what happens at this one. I think she’ll listen for baby’s heartbeat, though I do this on my doppler at home every couple of days anyway, but I don’t think a lot else happens.

After that it’s my anomoly scan which is in 5 weeks.

I’m mostly feeling fine now. The nausea has now gone although I do seem to hit a mid-afternoon slump around 3pm every day. Any recommendations for natural pick me ups are welcome seen as energy drinks are no longer allowed.

I’ll leave you with a bump pic, taken last Friday at exactly 15 weeks.




Pregnancy: 12+1

I had my 12 week scan yesterday and was measuring 12 weeks exactly; 5 days ahead of the early scan and a whole week ahead based on when I ovulated.  This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as I was also tracking ovulation when ttc Miss C but was put forward a whole week then too.

Everything was fine at the scan.  Baby was really active which was so funny to watch.  The nuchal measurements were well within normal limits but we just have to wait for blood test results to check all is ok in that respect.

I’m still feeling nauseous when I’m hungry and my trousers are definitely getting tighter.  I was still in regular clothes at 16 weeks with Miss C but don’t think I’ll manage that this time around.

Despite the sickness, the expanding stomach and yesterdays scan it still doesn’t feel real.  I can’t get my head around the fact that I’ll have another baby in 6 months or so.  It’s a very odd feeling.


Pregnancy: 8+6

Pregnancy is plodding along.  I have days where I’m very positive and talk about baby, and maternity clothes, and having a bump etc but then I have days where I can’t look beyond the end of today. 

I woke this morning and decided my boobs didn’t hurt and had a mini panic, which is stupid as they’re now hurting again but, as much as I think I’m doing ok, the tiniest things just seem to throw me.

I can’t wait to get my first midwife appointment out of the way and get my scan booked.  The midwife appointment is next week and I’m hoping the scan date comes through fairly soon after that.  I’ll be 12 weeks in the last week in March so it would be nice to get a scan in that week.

Tomorrow I’ll be 3/4 of the way to that magic 12 week mark.  I just hope the next few weeks hurry up!

In other news, baby is no longer an embryo but is now a foetus (or fetus for my readers in the US) and is now the size of a raspberry.  My stomach seems to have got a little rounder, despite me losing a few pounds, but I’m still comfortable in my regular clothes.  On my positive days I’ve even been browsing maternity clothes online but I’ll wait until my scan before buying any.

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Pregnancy: 7+2

All is still going well.  I had a scan on Thursday which dated baby 7+1 which is 2 days ahead of what I thought although I’m still using my original date for now.

Meet my little blob:

Scan at 7 weeks

All looked fine and a little flickering heartbeat could be seen.  To say I was relieved is a huge understatement!

As for symptoms, I have sore boobs still, occasional nausea (not been sick yet but I never was with Miss C either) and I’m tired.  I’ve also been ill basically since getting my bfp.  Nothing serious, just coughs, colds and generally feeling a bit rubbish.

I finally got brave enough to make a midwife appointment for when I’m 10 weeks so that’s my next milestone, then hopefully a scan a couple of weeks later.

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Pregnancy: 5 weeks

5 weeks is when it was all over last time.  5 weeks is the day I’ve been dreading since I got my first positive.  But so far, all is well.  And now I’m finally on my own laptop, I thought I’d share my hpt photos with you 🙂

My first, done at 10dpo in the evening.  This is a First Response one step, not the early detection one as I managed to buy the wrong kind.  Still, not a bad line for 10dpo.

first response 10dpoI then managed to wait until 13dpo before trying the 2nd First Response test.  A nice dark line came up straight away.

First response 13dpoOf course, I couldn’t resist buying a twin pack of clearblue digitals when I went shopping last week and at 14dpo I got this.

CB digi 14dpo


I had a rubbish cheap test left in my drawer which I waited until 19dpo before I finally did.  The wait was worth it, beautiful lines!

Internet dip strip 19dpo

Finally, this morning, at 21dpo I felt brave enough to do my remaining digital test.  I’ve been dreading this day but I’m now feeling a bit happier about this pregnancy.

CB digi 21 dpo


There’s still a long way to go yet, I know that, but I feel as though it’s one milestone reached.  I’m also feeling nauseous when I’m hungry and my boobs are feeling quite painful at times so these symptoms are helping me to believe that this might actually be our rainbow baby.

We’re still in some weird limbo at home.  Me and my husband aren’t really mentioning the pregnancy much as I think we’re both scared of getting excited for something to go wrong again.  I have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled in two weeks time.  I’m going to keep the appointment and beg them to still scan me.  I’ll be 6+6 on scan day so, fingers crossed, we should see a heartbeat.

We still haven’t told a soul about this pregnancy.  We’re likely to see my parents this weekend and, if they ask, I won’t lie to them but ideally I’d like to have the scan first.  We’ll see how it goes.




Pregnancy: 17dpo/4+3 weeks

All going well so far.  I did indeed get a 2-3 weeks on the cb digi on Friday and finally told my husband.  He’s pleased but, like me, wary of getting too excited. 

We haven’t told anyone else yet.  I’m trying to wait as long as I can before we do but may end up telling my parents in the next couple of weeks.

At the risk of jinxing everything, I’m feeling a bit more confident about this pregnancy.  I just feel more pregnant if that makes any sense.  I’m still scared; I don’t know how I’ll cope if things go wrong again, but I’m trying so hard to stay positive.

My symptoms at the moment are tiredness, odd feeling boobs and the occasional twinge down there. 

Long may it continue.

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Cycle 6 CD39 13dpo

Or I suppose I could say 3+6 but that just sounds sooo early!

I did another hpt this morning and got a darker line which pleases me.

Also, and just humour me for a minute, I think I have symptoms.  Surely it’s too early though?  Or it’s my mind playing tricks on me?  Who knows, but my boobs feel odd, I’m tired, I felt nauseous before I ate yesterday and today, I’ve had a couple of dizzy spells, and did I mention I’m tired?!

I may be coming down with something and those ‘symptoms’ may not be pregnancy related at all but I’m kind of hoping they are.

Still haven’t told the husband.  Think I’m going to tomorrow as I’ll be officially late then.  I also bought a 2 pack of digital tests when I went shopping earlier as I just can’t help myself.  I’ll be doing one tomorrow and I know at 14dpo it could either say 1-2 weeks or 2-3 weeks but I’m crossing everything that it says 2-3 weeks.  I’d be surprised if it didn’t really after the good line I got at 10dpo.

I’ll update you in the morning.

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